Ultimate Texas Hold’em Strategy

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Ultimate Texas Hold’em Strategy

Once you’ve learnt Ultimate Texas Hold’em, it’s really easy to play the right way by learning a few simple rules. This strategy is simplified to make it simple for you to learn, remember, and use the next time you’re playing Ultimate Texas Hold’em – it’s a great first step to playing perfect strategy. Most of the tips have to do with when to raise but there’s one thing you can do right away to win more money playing Ultimate Texas Hold’em.
Be Careful Betting Trips
If you want to play the numbers, the ‘Trips’ bet is the first thing you should watch out for. It can be fun to bet the bonus and win big when you get lucky, but over time it can be a big leak. Depending on the casino, the house edge on the ‘Trips’ bet can be as bad as 6%. Since it’s hard to analyze pay tables on the fly, it’s a lot easier to just skip the ‘Trips’ bet altogether.
The 4X Raise
After you’re dealt your cards, you can either check or make a play bet equal to four times your ante, a lot of people only make this bet with monster hands, but the truth is there are lots of hands you can profitably raise here – raise with all your pairs except Deuces, raise when you have an Ace and any other card, raise when you have a King and any other card if they’re suited, raise a King with a five kicker or better if it’s unsuited, raise a Queen six or better if it’s suited, raise Queen eight or better if it’s unsuited, raise Jack eight or better if it’s suited, raise Jack ten or better if it’s unsuited.
The 2X Raise
If you decided to check in the first betting round, you have the option of making a play bet equal to two times your ante bet after the dealer turns over the first three community cards – you should raise with two pair or better, any pair as long as it includes at least one of your hold cards, raise with four cards to a flush as long as you’re drawing to the fourth best flush or better. You can also bet 2X when you have a combination of a flush draw and an open ended straight draw.
Call or Fold
After the dealer turns over the final two community cards, you have to either call by making a play bet equal to your ante or fold your hand and forfeit your ante and blind bets. You should call if you have a pair or better using at least one of your whole cards, you should call if the board is paired and you have at least the third best kicker and you should also call if the five community cards make a straight or better.

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