The Ultimate Preflop Poker Guide | SplitSuit Strategy

This preflop poker guide gives you the 6 key considerations that will help you choose the best preflop play – over and over again. Preflop is where big money is won or lost at the poker table, and small changes can help you fold losing hands early and pile more chips into profitable spots.

SplitSuit shares his expanded preflop plan (PLANES Method), with a focus on the key variables while ignoring factors that create confusion. By keeping your attention on position, the location of weaker players, your aggression levels, raise sizes (and avoiding the “default trap”), edge & EV, and SPR – you will find yourself in the right spots more often. Yes, it’s easy to play monsters (raise AA) and weak hands (fold 72), but true winrate is found in the marginal hands like KJo, ATs, and suited gappers. By using this guide you’ll be able to spot opportunities to flood your ranges with these hands, and spots to get rid of them early on.

Ditch your range chart, quit limiting yourself to a single raise size, and start seeing preflop for what it really is: a street that sets you up for success or dooms you to failure.

BTW, do you consider anything else when choosing your preflop hands & ranges? If so, leave a comment and let us know how you approach preflop!

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