The Stop and Go Survival Play – Poker Strategy Power Moves

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The stop and go is a special poker move you can use to survive when you’re shortstacked in a poker tournament and you can learn it right now in under three minutes. It starts with you in the small or big blind, and another player raising before the flop. Instead of moving all-in, you can just call the raise with the intention of moving all-in on the flop no matter what cards come.

The problem with just moving all-in before the flop is that the original raiser will be getting a really good price to call your shove, putting you at risk of elimination. If you just call, though, your opponent will miss the flop a lot of the time and when you move all-in, he’ll be forced to fold a lot of hands he would have called with preflop.

To use the Stop and Go successfully you have to remember three things:

#1 – This move works best when you’ve got between five and big blinds so it’s only useful in tournaments, not cash games.
#2 – This move works best when you have big cards or a pocket pair because your hand will have better equity when you do get called on the flop.
#3 – This move works best against short to medium stacks. If the raiser has a huge stack they’ll be more comfortable calling with a wider range on the flop.

The whole point of this move is to win the pot without putting yourself at risk of elimination. If your opponent is raising with two unpaired cards, he’s going to miss the flop about two thirds of the time. By putting him to a decision on the flop, he’s likely to fold a lot of hands that he would have been right to call with preflop. The stop and go is a survival play, and you can use it increase your stack without having to gamble on a preflop all-in.

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