The Future of Poker and it’s Marketing | RYE Podcast with Joe Ingram

On this episode of the RYE podcast Bencb is being joined by Joe Ingram to talk about the future of poker and it’s marketing!

Joe Ingram is a well-known poker podcast host over on his own channel:

00:00 : Intro
01:25 : Podcast starts
03:59 : How does Joey find time to manage his busy schedule
08:29 : Where did Joey see himself in the future as a child?
10:25 : Did Joey’s on-screen persona come naturally to him?
13:33 : Motivating/criticising those who need it
16:32 : Has Joey have a poker network during his career?
18:53 : How is Poker going for Joey at the moment?
21:42 : Joey’s study regime/advice on improving at poker
33:05 : Dealing with increased exposure from poker broadcasting
35:55 : Becoming numb to criticism/feedback
43:27 : Believing in yourself in your poker career
48:18 : Olivier Busquet’s question on trade-offs of breadbuilding/content creation as well as end goals
51:35 : What drove Joey to expose all these poker scandals?
54:10 : Does exposing these scandals ruini poker’s image?
56:52 : Does Joey want to partner with any poker sites?
59:24 : How does Joey see the future of poker going?
1:03:40 : Why poker content hasn’t been as good as it could be
1:11:35 : Are pokersites focused on the growth of poker?
1:15:50 : Is Ben as optimistic about the future of poker as Joey is?
1:18:06 : Business oppertunities for young poker players looking to diversify out of the poker world
1:25:21 : Joey’s book recommendations
1:31:27 : Relationship/dating/confidence discussion
1:43:52 : What is the biggest obstacle Joey is currently facing?
1:46:11 : Joey’s diet/exercise routine
1:50:00 : Outro

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