Pot Control & The Betting Lead In Poker | SplitSuit

When should you control the pot vs. continue betting? How does pot control relate to the betting lead in general? This video explains the main leak that 92% of regs have – a misunderstanding and misapplication of pot control.

A big thank you to Andy for asking this question. As a reminder, every poker player is going to lose tons of pots. The longer you play, the more pots you will lose. But if you misuse pot control, you will lose far too many small-medium pots that are win-able. And worse, it becomes super obvious when you have a monster hand and will get paid off by the regs less often.

0:00 Andy’s Question
0:37 The Betting Lead
2:19 Pot Control
3:38 Paying Off The Nuts
4:23 Is Top Pair Value Here?
6:45 Practice Your Hand Reading

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