Poker tips for beginners (that your friends won’t tell you)

Let’s learn about the TAG style of play.

The TAG style of play should be the foundation of any beginner poker player’s game. Unfortunately it’s not the kind of thing your opponents will tell you about while you’re at the table!!

It’s been a challenge to get this video together, but here it is, let me know if it helps you think differently about poker!

And now for some attribution:
* Emoticon assets courtesy of, really a great resource for icons etc if you’re mocking something up.
* Music used briefly, Cider Time by Lifeformed, used under CC license (…), which now means this video adheres to the same license.
* Loki / Kitty Mao / Mittens / Kittens Young Mittens / Orange Katze, for being cooperative enough to sit still in front of the camera for a number of seconds.