Poker – Moldran Plays & Wins Tournament

16:40 A10 vs AK
18:40 AK vs 99
24:25 A9 vs KJ
32:13 AQ vs JJ
33:58 AK vs AQ (last place atm)
35:50 KK vs Q7
36:25 AK vs K10
43:48 KK Win
51:00 Bluff in Headsup
51:45 Deciding Hand
The tournament was a $15 buy-in sit n go on Pokerstars with 18 players. I started out lucky, by winning an all-in. Afterwards I was able to extend my chip lead, until I lost a big pot in a coin flip. From position 7 out of 7 I managed to recover with AK and ended up going all the way to winning the tournament.

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