Poker during the holidays

The holidays are coming for most people, it comes with a lot of gifts and good food, because 2019 must of course end in style. However, as an avid fan of poker, you understand a lot differently about closing the year in style. Because if it is up to you, you are looking for fun at a nice poker tournament.

And we have to admit it: as real casino enthusiasts, we totally get you. Reason to come up with some must-see poker tournaments that you can visit during the holidays. Will we see you at one of the poker events below?

We play poker more and more online and that is where the problem lies, because online poker is not yet allowed in the Netherlands. Do you still want to participate in an online poker tournament? Then we recommend that you always do this with a provider that has a reliable license, preferably one that is valid in the EU. Reason enough to only include the PokerStars tournament in the agenda. The semi-finals and the final of Poker Series #5 are also on the program.

Organise a poker tournament yourself?

Another fun alternative is to organize a poker tournament with family and friends during the holidays. Because now that everyone is sitting around one table, you might as well turn it into a gaming table. But is that actually allowed? Playing poker at home with friends and family is not an issue, that seems logical to us. After all, in most cases it’s all about the fun and of course the honor. It becomes different when cash prizes are involved or if there are other commercial goals associated with it. In that case you need a permit. The police your municipality can decide to intervene in that case. And let’s face it: the last thing you want during the holidays is for the police to be on your doorstep. In any case, we wish you a Merry Christmas, with hopefully a lot of poker fun!