PKO Tournament Strategy – Factoring in the Poker Bounty Reward

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This tutorial explains how to correctly assign a chip value to bounties. Enabling us to add a bounty reward to the pot odds, so we can understand the influence of the bounty and determine the correct play when facing an opponent’s all-in.

The accurate formula used is handy for early stage play, however, the later stages of tournaments have an ICM effect which isn’t so easy to account for. And so, we’ll be reviewing lots of spots in upcoming tutorials so you can master accounting for ICM and a bounty prize from busting a player. In the middle stage tutorials we will also introduce bounty factor and equity drops, which combined with this sections theory, will really strengthen your PKO game and have you playing better than 99% of your opponents!

For now, you should have acquired the ability to quickly factor in bounties manually and gained insight into the effect of a bounty prize pool in NLH tournaments.

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