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Widely regarded as the world’s best all-around poker player, Phil Ivey typically plays his enigmatic table presence to his advantage. He’s been called poker’s most mysterious player and earned worldwide respect as one of the best players in history.

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The Poker Hall of Famer has won a World Poker Tour title and more than $26 million in live tournament earnings, landing him among the top 10 biggest all-time money winners. At age 38, he became the youngest player in history to take home 10 World Series of Poker bracelets. He’s been playing poker seriously for almost 25 years, and now, for the first time, he’s opening up about his process.

In Phil Ivey’s MasterClass, he pulls back the curtain on his mental game. Learn poker strategy, poker tips, and techniques for plays like floating the flop and using suited connectors. In his class, Phil walks you through his approach to betting tactics and table image and reviews some of his most famous hands. He also teaches you strategies he’s never talked about before, from smarter deep-stacked play and blind-defense tactics to effective bluffing. Get unparalleled access to Phil’s thought process—and learn how to play poker with a champion’s mindset.

In this online class, you’ll learn about:
• Phil’s journey
• The mental game
• Poker philosophy
• Bankroll management
• Table image and tells
• Analyzing hands
• Blind defense
• Playing suited connectors
• Floating the flop
• Bluffing
• Deep-stack play

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