Live video poker EXPERT STRATEGY for 9 6 Jacks or Better with 4oak and Straight Flush from Casino

Demonstrating video poker expert strategy on a Jacks or better 25 cent machine. This is a casino live stream of a $20 run. We put a twenty in the machine and ran it up for a nice casino win. First we got a 4 oak, then we got another four of a kind followed by a video poker straight flush later in the night. We also got a bunch of full houses that kept us in the game!

Because we played with sound Jacks or better strategy, you can use this video as a guide for casino gambling tips. We played on a 9/5 machine, which is not ideal, but it’s still pretty good. Ideally you would do video poker 9 6 jacks or better to obtain the best return. This should give you the best video poker odds. We still ended up as casino winners because we didn’t get too many flushes so it didn’t affect our overall return that much.

Casino gambling is tricky. All the games, except for a very few are structured in such a way where you lose all your money over the long run. Sure, you may win money over the short run, but over time you’ll eventually lose your bankroll. The tick to coming out with a casino win is to find a game that allows you to play for a long time, cycle money through the machine, and accumulate casino comps!

This is where jacks or better basic strategy comes in. The techniques demonstrated on this video are what you need to get started on the road to playing one of the casino games with the best odds. Casino jacks or better is one of the best games you can play because of the relative ease of the rules, and the fact that video poker jacks or better strategy makes it a very stable game. Meaning that you’ll remain relatively steady while playing, neither winning or losing too much, that is until you win a royal flush of course! Sometimes when I have a really good run at video poker I sit and play for hours just for a small amount of money. I get free drinks and rack up the points on on player’s club. It really is a lot of fun and feels like a much better play than slots where a lot of money can be gone very quickly if you get on a terrible run. Don’t get me wrong, you can get on a bad run on video poker too, but it happens way less frequently than it happens on the slot machines.

This video was show from one of the videopoker machines at Spa Resort Palm Springs we put in twenty bucks and got a nice little casino win. We got so many little wins from high pairs and two pair small wins that it allowed us to shoot this pretty long video. The video would have been longer had my phone’s memory had not run out. I guess I should have deleted a few things before I started recording, but I did not expect to be playing that long!