How To Play Pocket Aces Vs Aggressive Opponents | Cash game poker strategy | Hand of the day #246

Want to learn how to play pocket aces when facing heavy action from aggressive opponents? I know many of you have questions about it so I decide to use this poker hand from my client Brandon. Obviously, the best way to play pocket aces is to raise and re-raise before the flop. Of course, you should also be playing your pocket aces very aggressively after the flop as well.

But what happens if your opponent decides to get aggressive with a check raise? Things are not that simple when a good player is sitting across the table. Now is the time to read your opponent and to understand his hand range.

Hand reading in poker simply means to identify the most likely hands your opponent is holding.

Whether we’re aware of it or not, we’re all doing this to some extent in every hand of poker we play. And truth be told, insofar that we can reduce the objective of poker down to its simplest form, it would be ‘hand reading’.

That’s because poker is a game of incomplete information and your objective is to figure out what your opponent is holding.

In short, your objective in poker is to read your opponent’s hand. It’s no surprise that it’s arguably the single most important skill in poker you can develop.

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