How to beat your friends at poker

How do you beat your friends at poker? In this video I’ve got everything you need to know in order to win against beginners in a homegame.

The first thing you want to take care of is the format you’re going to play. Cashgames typically favor the stronger player and demand for more skill as the blinds are staying the same and the bets can get relatively big compared to them, whereas in a tournament you’d be allin “pre-flop” at some point, making luck more important.

One simple advice in novice homegames is to stick to strong starting hands. Two “66” or better, “89-suited” or better, “KQ-offsuit” or better, “AJ-offsuit” or better and any suited Ace makes up for a pretty good hand selection.

Another great way to gain an edge right off the bat is to bet reasonable amounts. Not betting too small specifically will allow you to get “value” out of your good hands, but also force your opponent to “fold” and give up sometimes, in case you are bluffing. If you bet too small your opponent might just look you up always.

Last but not least, knowing your opponent is king:
1 Conservative (doesn’t bluff often, usually has a good hand)
2 Loose passive player (plays too many hands, rarely makes a pair)
3 Maniac (bets with all sorts of hands all the time)
4 Station (never wants to give up, do not bluff this guy)
5 Player with too much ego (seeks revenge, is going for you)

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