How To Beat Your Friends at Poker – Common Poker Player Types

Winning at poker is always fun but there’s nothing quite like crushing your friends in the weekly home game.

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In this video we’ll explain the five common player types you’ll meet at your home game and easy-to-follow strategies that will help you beat them. From ultra-beginners to wannabe poker pros, we’ll show you how to crush them all.

First of all, every home game is going to have at least one ultra-beginner. These players might never have played poker before and if they have, they barely remember the hand rankings. To beat the ultra-beginner it’s way more effective to make a medium hand or better and bet every street against them. Ultra-beginners will often call without really understanding what they’re doing so bluffing them is always a bad idea. One step up the ladder is the poker beginner. Beginners know the hand rankings and understand the mechanics of the game but haven’t learned any real strategy.

The best way to beat beginners is to steamroll them with constant pressure. Try to force them out of every hand they’re in but be ready to fold your hand if they start playing back at you.

Next up is the intermediate. They’ve learned some poker strategy and will most often be using a very ABC, tight-aggressive style. Intermediates usually still play too tight, however, so it’s still okay to put lots of pressure on them.

Another common character in the home game is the wannabe poker pro. They’re probably the most experienced players in the game and they desperately want everyone to know it. You can use their ego against them by making a good hand and playing passively to give them the opportunity to bluff off their stack.

Last but not least is the maniac. This character doesn’t really care about winning or losing. All they want is action. Against the maniac you just have to make a good hand, get it in and hope not to get unlucky.

Check out the video and memorize the common player types and how to beat them and you’ll be crushing your next home game in no time.

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