Christmas Holiday Tip: Host a poker tournament

Now that Christmas is coming again, one thing is certain: it will be cold and cozy. Because we prefer to spend the holidays in company and we cannot avoid the cold. However, it can be just as cozy indoors as it is outside and we wouldn’t be ourselves if we didn’t give you some helpful tips for the Christmas holidays. play poker

How about organizing a poker tournament for family and friends, for example? We are talking about an always entertaining casino game played in groups. And if we say so ourselves, a poker tournament is a very good reason to get together with friends and family.

Influence by own agility

The fact that poker is so popular has everything to do with the influence the player has on the course. Of course, you have to be lucky, but let’s not call it pure game of chance. After all, most poker fans know how to control the game and how to mislead other players. It is precisely because of this that this card game keeps its magic and keeps the attention of the players. And let’s face it: with all the hustle and bustle of the holidays, it is sometimes quite nice to relax in an entertaining way. Although you will have to pay attention again while playing poker.

Guarantee for spectacle

One way is by entering a poker tournament or, perhaps even better, by hosting one yourself. By getting together with friends and / or family, the holidays become just a bit more pleasant, while it might also give you a nice price. We prefer to spend the holidays indoors, but as true casino enthusiasts, we are always up for a gamble.

Which variant?

If you want to organize a poker tournament, you will have to think carefully about the variant to play. Below a number of options:

Poker Rebuy: Each player is dealt x number of chips at the start with the option to buy in extra chips while playing. To avoid it all taking too long, you can choose to impose certain time limits.

Poker shout out: here we are immediately talking about the bigger poker tournaments. The first three winners at the gaming table advance to the next round (table).

Guaranteed payout: This variant guarantees a minimum amount of prize money per player.
Poker Mixed: Different poker variations are played per round, such as Texas Hold'em or Caribbean Stud.

What do you need?

Here is an overview of the requirements for your poker tournament:

Table and enough chairs
Poker playing cards
Poker chips

Please note that your pleasant poker evening remains incidental. Playing poker in private is not a problem as long as it has no business characteristics. Read more about what you need to know if you organize a poker or casino night yourself.