Building Businesses around Poker: Allison Silva | Poker Podcast

This was an amazing podcast! If you are thinking about transitioning from Poker to Business, playing on Poker Apps, finding poker mentors, you MUST watch this!

The main reason I brought Allison on is he did the transition many of us want to do – he went from a successful poker pro (still plays High Stakes PLO!) to building businesses around poker – he confessed to me the other day he thinks of himself now more as a business man than a poker player.
His mindset and approach shows you why he crushes HSPLO and Business. ENJOY!

Links to get in his clubs will be coming soon!

===Timestamps: I made extra effort to divide this up for you guys to easily browse topics===
00:00 – Testing the Stream
02:15 – Start
02:47 – Introducing Allison Silva
07:50 – How I select students
08:32 – Moving to Sao Paolo, Brazil
14:20 – Civil Engineering background
17:20 – Going into Poker, first poker Job
21:13 – Why he chose PLO
22:16 – What happened to Gabriel Goffi
23:03 – Road up PLO stakes, transition to apps
26:17 – Dangers of poker apps
28:47 – Selecting an agent for apps
30:14 – Poker apps banning people
32:24 – Having funds guaranteed
36:00 – Advantage of being a reputable agent
36:31 – Get started in Allison’s Clubs
39:09 – Should you learn PLO? Vs No Limit
46:35 – Softer games (apps) vs increasing skill (stars)
53:36 – How much softer are poker apps?
57:29 – Secrets to crushing HSPLO
58:45 – How to surround yourself with better players
1:04:00 – Starting his own poker business
1:07:48 – The HUGE EV of being Trustable!
1:18:21 – Examples of giving value first
1:22:08 – Build on client feedback!
1:25:30 – Balancing Poker and Business (time management)
1:33:00 – Examples of day structuring
1:39:36 – Business automation, when to hire?
1:44:05 – Importance of systems
1:47:35 – Advice for transitioning Poker — Business
1:52:39 – Ideas of making money with Poker
1:56:02 – How to get into Allison’s Clubs – tell him SoF sent you