Beat The Rake in Online Poker in 2019 – 5 Tips

How do you beat the rake in online poker? In this video I’m sharing 5 tips with you, what to do to succeed.

Rake is one of the biggest enemies of an online poker player in 2019. Pokerstars, which has been by far the best site for years has become one of the worst sites for 99% of players when it comes to profit. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t win anymore – you just have to do the right things:

1) Take massive action: Study a lot, whether that is by reviewing your database or even with solvers and equity programs.

Jnandez Mastermind:

2) Play on other sites than pokerstars, they just offer more value with good rakeback.

3) Play less hands before the flop – so many hands are marginally profitable because of rake. In PLO, edges run close so hands become unprofitable very quickly.

4) Play live poker in low rake games – or time rake games. You’ll make more money with the same strategy given you play well.

5) Play mixed games or games where you have a bigger edge. Showtime Holdem is played poorly on pokerstars in the first games of the launch. Check out this video:

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