Basic tips for newbies playing poker in 2021

Don’t play all hands

This is probably one of the most common mistakes that novice poker players make. Yes, to play this game you have to take risks, but do it with your head, with sense and with prudence.

Choose the type of game that best suits your characteristics

Playing Texas Hold’em is not the same as playing Omaha or any of the other forms of poker. Take your time to find out which is your preferred variant, the one that you play the best or the one that best suits your characteristics as a player. It sounds like silly advice but this is very important when deciding whether you are a good poker player or not.

Skip your opponent’s cards

Don’t keep calling bets just because you’re curious to see your opponent’s cards. This is stupid. If you have no chance of winning the hand, you shouldn’t care about the cards your opponent carries.

Don’t keep playing just because you put in some money

If there is no real chance of winning the hand, stop playing, even if you have put some money in the pot. It is better to lose a little money than to lose a lot of money.

Bluffing like crazy

Sooner or later you will be caught red-handed so bluff only when you are very sure. Do not make this technique your way of life in poker as in the end you will lose a lot of money.

Attentive to the cards on the table

Study well the possible combinations that can be made with your cards and those that are on the table. Take some time to be sure of all of them. Once you have done this you can act accordingly.

Look at the other players

Observe them, try to understand their game and their strategy according to their position at the table. Psychology is a very important factor in poker.