7 Tips for Becoming a Successful Pro Poker Player

Playing poker as a career takes a lot more than just a high win-rate. There are numerous pitfalls that can derail even the best players.

If you have ever considered taking the leap and becoming a professional poker player, here are 7 tips that can increase your chance of success.

1. Underestimate your win-rate
The best advice I can give is to take a conservative approach to your “life ‘roll” in order to free yourself up to play optimally.

2. Build a sizeable emergency fund
Even setting a conservative budget will not completely buffer you against going broke due to unexpected real life issues.

3. Get your budget and retirement plans sorted out
While we are on the subject of finances, let’s talk about the future. You don’t want to be forced to find a job when you reach retirement age do you? There’d be nothing worse than grinding your butt off at the poker tables until you are 65 and then bagging groceries or cleaning golf balls off of the driving range for the next 20 years. (unless you enjoy doing that)

4. Diversify your poker income (coach, freelance write, twitch)
I highly recommend that you look into developing income sources outside of just monthly grind. There are actually numerous opportunities to make money in the poker industry outside of playing.

5. Don’t focus on a backup plan
You might find this surprising since a lot of my tips have to do with planning, this one might sound a bit counter-intuitive.

6. Leave ego at the door- Play on softest sites
There is no room for ego in professional poker. At least there isn’t if you want to maximize your hourly rate and make the most money possible.

7. Consider moving abroad
If you happen to be single or not tied down to your region, it’s worth taking a look at other locales that might be more poker-friendly for you. There are several factors that might make moving abroad attractive:
-Potential lower cost of living
-Some countries do not tax poker winnings
-You get the chance to experience another culture

I genuinely hope this guide has helped you in your quest to decide whether or not the life of a full-time poker pro is for you. For more in-depth tips, check out my article at automaticpoker.com/career


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