7 Poker Strategy Tips That No One Talks About

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Video Summary
Finding strategy tips that help win money that is not the same old recycled tips. You’ve probably spent a lot of time reading about poker, studying, trying to improve as a player. Unfortunately, much of the information is just the same old recycled tips that are regurgitated by teachers and strategy sites over and over again. Well, today let’s think a bit outside of the box and talk about some things that you may not have thought of that can hopefully help improve your game quickly.

This video will cover 7 poker tips that no one talks about.

1. Specialize in a game, but play other games as well
2. Play against “old man EV”
3. Keep tight players to your left
4. Stop focusing on how to beat the regs
5. Do a pre-game warmup
6. Stop spending so much time analyzing the “tough” spots in your sessions
7. Practice playing without a HUD

Now, I hope these tips help you start to think a bit more out of the box when it comes to improving as a player. If you are a cash game player who wants to try something a bit different, I have created courses that help players build or overhaul their game. I have quickly turned losing and break-even players into winners and winners into bigger winners. Click the link above or check the description to learn more about it. Now get out there and avoid being a faceless clone, build some personality into your game, and start crushing. Thanks for watching.