7 Beginner Poker Tips – Take Control of Your Game

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This video includes a few beginner poker tips and a few more that might be considered transitional for intermediate players. Let me know if there’s something you don’t understand in the comments. Thanks!

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While there is more information than ever out there, it is still difficult to learn as a beginner poker player. Knowing exactly where to start and what to focus on is the biggest challenge. In this video, I will focus on things that have the most bang for your buck in taking control of your game and starting down the path toward profitable poker.
The poker tips in this video are common sense things you can do to instantly improve your game as a beginner to an intermediate player. I will try to explain these concepts in simple terms since most teachers talk way over the heads of their students.

1. Let the fundamentals of poker guide you
2. Use charts to “automate” your play
3. Learn About SPR (Stack-To-Pot-Ratios)
4. Profile and categorize opponents
5. Learn to recognize when you have the 2nd best hand
6. Learn the think in ranges- Separate hands into tiers
7. Forget about balancing

Hopefully, this video has given you a road map on what and how to learn in structuring your study going forward. If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below and don’t forget to subscribe if you want to see more poker videos like this. Thanks for watching!