5 Steps to Profitable Poker: Fundamental Poker Tips

Alton Hardin from MicroGrinder Poker School gives OnlineGambling.com his five essential fundamental tips for profitable poker.

Learn how to build a strong poker foundation, play tight aggressive poker, understand variance in poker, play +EV poker and learn not to tilt

If you’re playing poker for real money, it’s important you know how the game works before starting. It’s not worth risking your own money when you can learn the rules with free poker beforehand.

They say if your hand isn’t worth raising, then don’t bother betting. Know your position at the table and bow out early to avoid wasteful betting.

For a beginner, each poker hand needs your full attention, so stick to playing at one table. Once you’ve mastered and executed all the tips on this page, maybe then consider multi-tabling.

Confidence is great at a poker table, but so is awareness. Always be conscious of how your opponent may have a stronger hand and use this information to manage your bets.

Despite being a hugely popular technique, bluffing isn’t essential to be a successful poker player. Play your hand as a primary tactic and perhaps bluff a couple of times but by no means is it necessary.

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