5 Pre-Flop Poker Tips | Fix the Most Common Pre-Flop Mistakes

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Video Summary
In creating this pre-flop poker tips video, I tried to think of the tips that would have the most immediate impact on someone’s game. In other words, what are the pre-flop things that most people get wrong that I can quickly address and put them on a better path.

1. Stop Auto-Piloting
2. Throw Away the Call Button
3. Focus on the Battle of the Blinds During Play
4. Don’t Open Raise Small Pairs Hands in Early Position
5. Simplify Your HUD
For the HUD:
1. Need to know how many pots they play overall. Mainly just useful in spotting fish
2. Need to know how often opponent fold to steals
2. Need to know how often opponents resteal
3. Need to know how often they steal
4. Need to know how aggressive they are post-flop
5. How often they c-bet
6. How often they fold to cbet
Just these stats alone will get you 90% of the way there. Anything else in your HUD is just fluff and takes a long time to normalize.